Here’s What No One Tells You About Living In Fear

People avoid uncomfortable conversations.

No one talks about fear because it’s considered taboo.
Fear strips people of their identity and their hidden secrets. Each person’s insecurities come to the surface until it haunts them and disrupts their living.

Suppressing these fears and running from them during your twenties will have an impact in the future. It helps to explore them and become aware of them as early as possible. Fears have different faces and disguise. Keeping your eyes open to these anxieties and concerns trains you to be stronger in the future.

The fear of being alone

Of the fears that exist within ourselves, our fear of being alone skews our perspective of reality and blurs the truth on our real selves. Clinging to others for support isn’t a weakness. However, refusing to leave them even when they aren’t doing us any good fuels the fear. Though we are social beings, there’s a fine line between sticking through the seasons and withstanding the test of time.

Allowing and embracing the fear to control you crushes your identity. When you anchor yourself to people at home and your serviced office Makati, you give them the spotlight. You become the supporting actor in your own life story. People will drag you to various directions until you no longer have a path for your dreams and endeavors. As a result, you won’t learn to stand on your own.

You can work out the fear of being alone once you start the art of loving yourself. When boarding a plane, they teach us to help ourselves first to reach safety. It’s because you can’t help others when your life is at risk.

The fear of failure

Falling and committing mistakes applies to all ages and all genders. A generation that depends on test scores, report cards, awards, recognition, stock value and profit meet the face of failure at an early age. People become hardwired to prioritize getting first place or the top spot. Thus, they undermine themselves when they undesirable results.

Failure, especially when it comes from ourselves, only requires one solution – forgiveness. Reliving past mistakes and repeating them in your head over and over will not contribute to a better future. It won’t make your past better than it is.

You have to own what you have become and what you have been. It takes a while to get the hang of it. Starting at an early age will lead you to a life with no regrets.

The fear of losing control

Being lost, lacking a sense of direction, and letting go of the need to take the reigns are all part of everyday experiences. The world is full of people, each having their own decision and will. Events are likely to be interconnected and most likely out of a person’s control.

Instead of being inflexible and grasping for stability over uncontrollable things, try being open to change. It will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Focusing on the task at hand or a goal to achieve can serve as your stepping stones or foundation blocks. That way, you have something a foundation to grasp.

The fear of the unknown

It’s normal to be frightened of new experiences, places, and people. Not knowing the consequences and lack of understanding of the beginning and end of a journey is enough to place you in a state of panic.

However, these things shouldn’t keep you from experiencing a full life. Resources in life are limited. These include time, money, opportunities. To beat the fear and avoid being stuck, aim to discover everything life has to offer. Explore what you are capable of and maximize the good that will come out of it.

Avoid the voices in your head forcing you to think of the things that may go wrong. If you have ideas, go and do it no matter how impossible or silly they sound. Exploring the peculiar and uninhibited side of you is a way to foster a deeper relationship with yourself.

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