How much is FEAR and DOUBT holding you back from getting the results you want?

For most solo entrepreneurs, self-doubt and fear of failure are the biggest obstacle to success.

Fear and doubt can even keep you from getting started at all for fear of failing. It feeds into procrastination, and the tendency to make safe choices that don’t advance your business, or worse, making no choices at all.

Overcoming the fear of failure means actually taking the scary step of embracing it. Of realizing that failure is an important part of growth. You need to be able to explore different options in order to find out which ones work best—and you have to forgive yourself for failures along the way.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t look at failures as a waste of time or a signal that they aren’t good enough—they learn from those failures and use them as motivation to succeed. This isn’t an easy mindset to cultivate, but it can ultimately be life-changing.


Is fear holding you back? You can change that reality. Fear can be damaging if it’s allowed to make your decisions for you. Fortunately, it can also be used as a tool to enhance your decisions if you harness it properly.

One way you can turn fear into a productive tool is to use it as a signal. When you feel fear and hesitate to move forward, take a moment to consider what’s going on. Is your fear simply trying to avoid change and new situations?

Using fear as a signal that you’re doing something you SHOULD be doing instead of a signal to turn back and procrastinate, can help desensitize you to the feeling of fear and push you beyond your normal boundaries.

That doesn’t mean you should jump into any situation headfirst without considering the potential risks and rewards, but it can help you turn the dialogue of fear around and help you make empowering decisions, especially when it involves something you KNOW you should be doing anyways.


Do you have a coach or accountability partner in your life that helps you stay accountable, focused, and motivated on a daily or weekly basis?

If your answer is no, then you’ve just identified one solution that could create major breakthroughs in your productivity and results.

The #1 reason people don’t get what they want in life is lack of accountability!

You need accountability. We all need it. In fact, the highest performers and achievers in life are intentional about keeping measures of accountability in their daily lives. Accountability will help you get more accomplished, more quickly.

Let’s cut to the chase though – accountability isn’t an instant “guarantee” for success – it’s just a different, more structured and confident approach to getting results for anything in life you really care about.

  • Every top level performer has a coach.
  • Professional athletes have coaches.
  • High-level execs have coaches.
  • Even coaches have coaches!

Everyone needs an outside-party’s perspective to guide, support and push them to become the best that they can be.

As humans, we all know just how difficult it can be for us to stay committed and follow-through with the goals and dreams that we say we want for our life.

When we rely only on our own willpower and limited perspective to get big important things done, we put the odds against us for achieving greatness. Without having any sort of accountability measures in place, the chances of us stalling out and getting distracted or de-motivated are much greater.

The best possible solution to this problem that I’ve found is hiring a personal accountability/performance coach who will be dedicated to helping you step-by-step with planning and achieving the goals you want to accomplish.

A good accountability coach will become your trusted partner that’ll work with you one-on-one to map out a plan and daily action steps specifically designed to help you make significant progress towards your goals everyday. And you’ll achieve them much faster than you could ever do on your own because you’ll actually stay accountable and motivated to doing the necessary actions everyday.


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My name is Nash Ryker, a Performance + Accountability Coach for solopreneurs, with a passion for helping them breakthrough self-doubt and procrastination, build success habits, and make faster progress on their business or personal goals. My coaching program offers step-by-step daily accountability support to achieve breakthrough results for any serious goals you want to achieve. Book a complimentary 30-minute strategy call with me at www.Breakthrough.Guru

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