My Struggle To Victory Story Of How My Startup Biz Was Acquired In Just 8 Months From Launch

As entrepreneurs, we willingly expose ourselves to some pretty radical tests of mental/emotional fortitude that most people simply aren’t willing to handle themselves.  But we also expose ourselves to some of the most thrilling experiences and opportunities that Life has to offer.

My story is no different. It has many twists and turns, setbacks and failures, self-doubt and fear, along with some awesome successes and personal breakthroughs. And I feel compelled to share some of it here because I feel there’s a lot of inspiration that someone reading this could take away from my experiences, and apply in their own life to get better and faster results with their own goals.

So with that in mind, let’s begin!

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5 years ago

In 2013 I was in the lowest point of my entire life.  After having failed in several other business ventures, I found myself completely broke, broken, severely depressed, and nearly homeless.

I literally had lost all belief in myself to ever do anything meaningful or great with my life, and this negative downward spiral of thoughts/emotions got so bad that I was literally researching online the best ways to commit suicide.  Should I swallow a bottle of pills, or should I get a loaded gun? Were there any other “better” options?

Yeah it’s morbid to talk about, I know.  But that was my reality. That’s how much shame and unworthiness I felt about myself, and I honestly didn’t expect to continue trying for my dreams.

I want you to have a good idea as to how bad my life situation really was, because the rest of the story proves that anyone can go from absolutely nothing, to creating a whirlwind of success and opportunity for themselves in a short period of time – when the right principles are applied with your thoughts and actions.

The Turning Point

While browsing the internet one day, as an unproductive way to distract myself from my own guilt and shame, I happened to come across a video by Sam Ovens telling his personal success story about coming from nothing and achieving success.

If you don’t know who Sam Ovens is, he’s now one of the highest paid consultants in the world, and was recently recognized by Forbes as having a net worth of $65 Million.  But he’s in his 20’s still, and he started in his parents garage with no money and no experience.

His story sparked something inside of me though, and I decided at that point to learn whatever I could from this guy and try applying it in my own life.  It was my last ditch effort to finally regain my self-dignity and do something significant.

At first, I started following his agency business model of selling digital marketing services and websites to local business owners, and using his outreach methods and sales tactics, and after a couple weeks I finally landed my first client! $3,500 from a doctor office for a new website design.

Holy shit this was huge for me, life-changing even!

That became part of the seed money that would allow me to embark on an idea that I’d had brewing for awhile, which I felt had amazing potential. in a growing new market.

The Big Idea

There’s a very unique industry that is recently brand-new to the world, and has become one of the top-trending industries in America.  It was in this industry that I had developed an idea that I knew was both needed and desired by the market, and was quite innovative.

What is the industry, you ask?

Well don’t laugh or pre-judge me 😜 but it was the Legalized Cannabis industry that I’m referring to.

While you may have views for or against cannabis, there’s no denying it’s immense medicinal value.  And it was for this industry that I had an idea for a mobile app that would provide value for both the dispensaries (places that are licensed to provide cannabis to the public) and the patients/customers they serve.

The company I launched provided a white-label mobile app to cannabis dispensaries, which was branded and customized to their business, and made available on the public app stores (Android and Apple) for their patients and customers to download and use.  The app provided users with a full menu selection of products the dispensary offers, along with a coupon system, built-in shopping cart, checkout process, and an admin dashboard so dispensaries can update their own menu items and images, etc.

The dispensaries paid us anywhere from $199/mo to $299/mo to use our platform, and also an upfront setup charge for having the app branded, customized, and submitted to the app stores for them.

The Process

Once the idea was fleshed out, and I found a partner programmer to handle the technicals, I was ready to launch and make it a reality.

I wrote out a marketing plan, which mainly consisted of cold email and cold call approaches. Then I built out a basic landing page and website so that we had some kind of a decent looking brand image. Then, I got to work, dialing and emailing like a madman.  

Every day I made sure to apply some of the mind-strengthening practices that I learned from Sam Ovens and others in the past, in order to keep my energy and motivation high for my new endeavor.

  • I made a list of bold and powerful personal declarations that included goals, dreams, values, and personality traits that I want to program into my subconscious
  • I read those declarations aloud with emotion in the morning, in the afternoon, and again at night.
  • I recorded those motivational declarations into audio format, and then played it on loop over and over in my headphones right before going to sleep.
  • I took action on my goals every day and kept track of measurable results to make sure I was always moving forward.
  • I used visualizations regularly to see and feel the experience of growing my new business, which included seeing it get acquired by some multi-million dollar corporation.

This process continued for around 6 months, when all of a sudden I received a call that, little did I know at the time, would set me on a wildly exciting path which was the fulfillment of my innermost desires.

The Phone Call

On the other end of the call was someone by the name of Amy, who introduced herself as the CEO of a cannabis point-of-sale tracking company based in Denver, CO.  She proceeded to tell me about how our mobile app platform had been brought to her attention, and that she and her partner were impressed and wanted to learn more.  She then said that their intentions were to discuss with us either a substantial equity investment into our company, or a complete acquisition of it.




Yeah, that’s pretty much what was going on in my head at the time, trying desperately not to let those reactions come out verbally while she was still on the phone.

Of course nothing was set in stone yet, and it wasn’t a definite guarantee so far.  There was still a lot of steps, red tape, and due diligence for us to go through before we could truly declare this a victory. But it was still an exciting start!

The Acquisition

After that initial phone call, our next steps were to schedule a formal phone meeting with all 4 of us on the line (me and my partner, and the two owners of the acquiring company).  The next several weeks basically unfolded like this:

  • NDAs were signed by all of us, protecting the intellectual property of both parties
  • We let them access all of our records, customer list, software code, revenue statements, and business model details
  • They took a week or two to allow their team to evaluate everything
  • Then we had a group phone meeting where we negotiated and finalized all the details

We ended up settling on a price to buy out our company, customers, and app platform, along with salaried positions at their company, new positions that they created just for us so we could be part of their team.

Here’s the official press release on this event:

The entire process of that part of my journey will forever be a testament to me that it’s possible for anyone to rise from the gutters and go on to create radical results in their life, and it can even happen very quickly.

Where I’m At Currently

Currently, I’m pursuing a newly discovered passion for using my accumulated knowledge and experience to help other solopreneurs who are struggling to make their goals a reality and who are facing similar challenges with overcoming personal weaknesses like self-doubt, fear, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

Since I’ve been able to rise above my own shortcomings, failures, guilt, and shame, my newfound mission is to now support others in doing the same so they can achieve radical results in their own life with their dreams and goals.

Main Takeaways From My Story

  • Never give up on yourself.
  • Never accept failure as the only option you have.
  • The only thing holding you back from achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality – is you.
  • That part of you that’s holding you back – is changeable and completely under your control when you apply conscious awareness.
  • Use personal declarations and multi-sensory visualizations (use your mind to see, feel, smell, taste, touch the goal you want to achieve) in order to keep your thought patterns, behaviors and state of being in harmony with what you want to create.
  • Take bold and deliberate action from that elevated state of being, having total confidence in the value that you’re providing to other with your product or service.
  • Love yourself, and release any form of guilt or shame that you’ve been carrying around from your past.  It doesn’t serve you or your purpose, and it does not deserve space inside your mind or emotions.

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope my story can help at least one person who reads it.


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